Red Ginseng Deep Moisturizing Softner

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Red Ginseng Deep Moisturizing Emulsion’s nourishing ingredient of Korean red ginseng moisturizes skin while quickly calming distressed skin. 

[130 ml/4.3 fl oz.] 

The wondrous skin effect of red ginseng reaches beyond the bounds of Oriental Medicine 
Cheong-Kwan-Jang has preserved the true value of red ginseng through everlasting expertise and craftsmanship. The century-long history of Cheong-Kwan-Jang will come alive as Donginbi Red Ginseng cosmetics. Six-year red ginseng is brought to life by the heavens and earth and devotedly tended by nature. This precious gem will present you with internal strength of your complexion. 

Donginbi the secret skin recipe of six-years grown Korean Red Ginseng 
Carefully bottled within Red Ginseng cosmetics is prized six-year old red ginseng that has been delicately shrouded for thousands of years. This is where astonishing skin benefits can be discovered. Six-year old ginseng’s purity and high concentration is optimized to help you take back your skin’s natural ability. As your skin powerfully grasps its original state, you will be presented with an amazing transformation in your skin. 

Special Features 
* Korean red ginseng oil’s natural moisturizing layer boosts skin’s suppleness while the nourishing ingredient in Korean red ginseng resin makes your skin smooth and lustrous.
* The nourishing texture quickly calms your skin and helps your skin absorb essences applied in the next step.